Our services vary and are unique to each individual. We customize our plans to help you achieve your goals. We listen to our clients and work together to develop personalized plans and services. Our plans and strategies are designed to sustain the lifestyle you have created for your family or business. We help your business by increasing member participation in your services, company growth through enrolling members and enhancing your profile within your community.

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In April 2012, we joined a major international company and its affiliates launching a "Closer to the Heart" charity program; a long-term humanitarian project extending our commitment to the community by making financial and service contributions to programs that provide hands-on assistance in the communities where we live, work, serve and visit.



Mahdavi Group has a commitment and dedication to helping working class families during their times of need. We take pride in:

  • Walking picket lines to support union members

  • Setting up food banks to support members on strike.

  • Offering other support as needed 

  • From the representatives  who meet them face to face, to the administrative staff at the Corporate Office, all the way up to the CEO, everything is done with integrity ... and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



Mahdavi Group representatives have a unique opportunity to make an impact on their clients, community, family and finally career. We are seeking a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and over achievers eager to jumpstart their career within a fast-paced, stable, and internationally growing company.



We are convinced a company can not grow just with the right principles in place. but The right people make the difference.